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HLD using material override by layer

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This might end up in the scripting/plugin forum.


I do a lot of hand sketching over a hidden line perspective drawings.

With larger scenes, the Hidden Line Display mode takes FOREVER. I dont need vectors, just a raster image.

I was hoping for a shaded mode/no materials rendering mode but it didn't happen.


However, I discovered that if I change all my layers to have a material override and set the material to a catcher,  I get a great, fast Hidden Line Display.

The only problem is,  I still want to use layer overrides for some other materials ( component doors and windows for example.) when I go back to full color.


I would love a script/plugin that collects the material override state of each layer, saves it to a list, and then sets the override to a catcher material. When toggled off, it can restore the layers to their previous states.


OR ADS, add a check box under shaded mode  for HLD that removes all color and texture from the scene.





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What if you make a layer group, put all your layers inside and then you can just toggle that one master layer group to catcher for when you want a pseudo HL render. That way all your sub layers can still retain their overrides when needed.

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Hi Bart,


Currently the Layer Overrides will be in effect even if a Layer Group Override is set to something else, so Setz suggestion will "almost" work.  Perhaps we can adjust this so the Layer Group Override overrides the Layer Override?  Or for now, if you temporarily disable those Layer Overrides -- and just reset them when you disable the Layer Group override, that won't be too hard to get what you want for now?


(Or yes, you could script this...)

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