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Please bring back lost v6 functionality

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I was wrong,  it was a script by ADS.


Oh, drool over the cool and yet very necessary little ditties that can be created with scripting....


form•Z by auto•des•sys, Inc

Copyright © 1990-2006 auto•des•sys, Inc.  All rights reserved.


File: tool_random_transf.fsl

By: John Pollard


formZ Compatible:

Script Version:

Created on:  12/06/06: NEW FILE

Updated on :  .

Last Updated on:  .

Description: Tool allows user to randomly scale, translate,

and rotate picked objects within a set range.

Instructions: Put this script in the "scripts" folder.  Select objects

that you want to randomly transform, and run the utility.

It will display a message asking for more info from the user.

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I concur!   


Please bring back the 'Copy From...' feature in materials!  It would also be nice if the Material parameters dialog could close as it did in v6.  The palette approach here is unnecessary, and adds to the cluttered UI.

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