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Please bring back lost v6 functionality

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I was wrong,  it was a script by ADS.


Oh, drool over the cool and yet very necessary little ditties that can be created with scripting....


form•Z by auto•des•sys, Inc

Copyright © 1990-2006 auto•des•sys, Inc.  All rights reserved.


File: tool_random_transf.fsl

By: John Pollard


formZ Compatible:

Script Version:

Created on:  12/06/06: NEW FILE

Updated on :  .

Last Updated on:  .

Description: Tool allows user to randomly scale, translate,

and rotate picked objects within a set range.

Instructions: Put this script in the "scripts" folder.  Select objects

that you want to randomly transform, and run the utility.

It will display a message asking for more info from the user.

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