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Thea for FormZ - Now Available

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excellent!  Is it cross-product like Maxwell?  Buy once use in Sketchup , FormZ, etc....?

Hi Andrew,


I understand the question is whether you get all the plugins with the same license. The short answer is no. What you get with Thea for FormZ are: Thea for FormZ plugin (true integrated renderer), Thea Studio (standalone application) and 2 node licenses (for network rendering).


Please note that this does not stop you from adding plugin licenses to your existing Thea for FormZ license; for example, you could add Thea for SketchUp plugin, Thea for 3dsMax plugin, and so on. Each of these plugins costs 100 euros (net price) at the moment of writing.


We could create a super-bundle containing all plugins (for ease of acquiring all of them) - but frankly speaking, at the end, we are quite sure that the users will be buying only the plugins that they are actually using.


Best wishes

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