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Truss and Roof Framing Plugin

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I recently have had a request for porting my truss and roof framing plugin (Medeek Truss Plugin) from SketchUp to FormZ.  I don't know a lot about FormZ and the state of its API or plugin development capabilities but before I proceed too much further I think it would be educational to understand the need for such a plugin.  My plugin currently is still very much in a developing stage, however progress has been fairly rapid:




The plugin for SketchUp is written in Ruby using a lot of features of the SketchUp API, so I'm not even sure how difficult this might be to port to a different platform like FormZ, but it might be worth considering if there is sufficient interest.

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The word is that the scripting is going to change over Python over or possibly sidebyside with the current FSL (formZ Scripting Language, witch is essentially interpreted C with libraries)


There is also the full plug-in programming which is C++


There have been hints lying about regarding a visual scripting, but no word on when or any kind of specifics.


I for one am itching and drooling over they Python option, as I want to be a designer (industrial, though I have a potential for being a Truss designer for a local shop)   instead of being a programmer (ADS, which is why I don't jump into C++ plug-ins)


Never Delved into Ruby, so can't say how difficult it would be to convert it to python.


The API's are quite extensive (from when I used to do FSL on the old 6.x versions)  and they used to be quite helpful with questions.


I hope you come aboard, it would be phenomenal to have your script working in Z!



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