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Chris lund

Pan tool to once again be momentary

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I would like the Pan tool to once again be momentary  (once the short-cut is released, return to the previous tool)


I know I can have by a preference setting have it return to the pick tool,  but that is a global behavior, which, is not desirable.

      Desirable would be to return to what ever tool was prior to the Pan tool  and only the Pan tool.




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Hi Chris,


That is exactly what you will get if you just use the Hand: Interactive command.  By default this is the middle mouse button (and if you don't have a mouse with a real wheel and middle mouse button you should get one).  You can also program this to be a different key shortcut if you prefer (from the Edit Menu: Key Shortcuts: Interactive View Navigation.


(Or if you are using the Hand tool, pressing ESC will return you to the previously active tool.)


Does that do what you want?

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Sorry for the double post.


Yea,  I would never use "return to Pick."  Pick and area pick are assigned to mouse buttons.


Weird thing is,  with the middle button (correctly assigned everywhere) it does not work.  but when I assign it to another mouse button (#6 (right next to my Pick buttons))  it works perfectly.   Which is fine, I don't like using the wheel button for highly repetitive actions.


Thanks for clearing that up!  It is finally coming together!   Suppose it would have helped if I switched over 3 years ago.    





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