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rich f

constantly changing palette sizes / interface comments

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I know there has been much discussion of the interface, but this particular quirk is bugging me to no end... certain palettes being free to change size depending on which tool is active.


With Display Options, as you click between Wireframe, Shaded, Renderzone, etc - the palette changes size (both length and width) each time.


I am not an interface designer, but this seems like a basic rule; I don't recall seeing another program that allows this. Either redesign the palette to fit the available size, or introduce scroll bars when needed.


Also, with Tool Options - as you click through each tool, the Options palette constantly changes size. This can be corrected by docking it (which you can't do with Display Options) but I would prefer to keep it free-floating over by the tools, where I need it, rather than having to travel across the screen to set my options.


Even better, simply bring up the options with a right-click, as in 6.7. Right-clicking on a tool now brings up rarely needed functions that could be accomplished with ctrl-click or some other way.


See videos attached. The second one also illustrates how annoying it is to constantly have the tool sets popping up. If the tool I want is already active for that set, clicking on it does not need to pop out the set. A click-hold or long click makes more sense (i.e., see Photoshop.)



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Hi Doug,


Sorry if the changing palettes is not what you would like.  They are intended to maximize your on screen space, but perhaps keeping them at a single larger size, or offering scroll bars would be a good option to have.  We will see if we can add that for the future.  ;)

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