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Create Circle or Arc tangent to three lines

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We have had a number of requests in the last week to have a tool in formZ that creates a Circle or Arc tangent to three lines. We will add this to a future version, but until then, here is a little plugin that does this (require v8.5.3 or later)


To add to your formZ download and decompress the .zip file. copy the "arc_lines" folder to the /plugins directory of your formZ installation.


The tool should appear in the Extensions Tool Row at the bottom of the modeling tool palette. You may need to Reset your Workspace (or add it via the Tool Manager) if it does not show up automatically.


To use the tool, select the tool, pick 3 lines or edges and it makes a tangent arc or circle as set in the Tool Options. The Trim option only applies to lines (i.e. if you pick edges of a solid, they will not be trimmed).





arc_tlines.zip post-5-0-67657700-1457132721_thumb.png

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