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Undo's Suggestion

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Periodically I like to turn off undo's when preparing very large imported Cad drawings for modelling over. Usually because of badly drawn 2d files with most stuff on one or two layers and with the same colour which have too much detail required for the model (you probably know what I mean, window sections etc. showing detail down to the screw threads, probably due to pasting/placing blocks from manufacturer drawings multiplied by a million!).


Anyway, deleting information gets slower and slower, obviously because the operation is being kept in ram for the undo function. Even reducing the amount of operations in the undo or resetting after saving (or manually resetting) doesn't fully speed it up, but completely turning it off really helps.


So, can we have the "Use Undos" toggle back in the edit menu like it was in the past? I currently have to go to preferences to do so.


And to maybe add a warning such as a red light or the undo icon turn red (probably flashing) as a reminder to turn undos back on?


I think this could be really cool and could possibly be extended to other operands such as "Ghost/Delete/Keep"..... A Toggle Pallet for instance at the top showing red for off and green for on etc.



Thanks for keeping FormZ great.



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