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Hello Maxwell Users,

New Maxwell plugins are available in the Next Limit Early Builds area! For information about how to access the Early Builds Area, please see: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=41692

This new plugin provides a number of new features and important fixes. It requires the latest Maxwell Render Suite Early Build, version (also located in the Next Limit Early Builds area).

Please provide feedback by writing to: pylon_support.jpg


    • Built with latest SDK for compatibility with Maxwell Early Build
    • New pulldown menu in Fire palette to specify any previously saved view
    • Completely rewritten Object Modifier backend
    • New Rendertime rounding/beveling object modifier
    • "Fast" and "Fastest" Material Hints now consider 'Shaded' specular color
    • New Material hints: Glass Low Reflectivity, Nickel, Chromium, Iron
    • Plugin Log option to show only warnings and errors
    • Plugin Log now shows the layer path and group path for problem objects
    • Render Area Rectangle works correctly when Image Options set to 'Use Custom Size' and rendering dimensions are larger than viewport.
    • Fixed regression where animations with non-animated Referenced MXS objects would not render
    • In Material Parameters palette, missing referenced MXMs are searched for when 'Preview' and 'Update shaded' buttons are clicked.
    • Brackets removed from formZ's default view name "<Current View>", as these were reported to cause an issue with Rebus renderfarm.
    • Object Modifier definitions copy between projects properly
    • Fixed crash when displaying Maxwell Log with extremely long filepaths
    • Package For Renderfarm works more than once per session (Windows fix)

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