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64 Bit Plugins?

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I'm trying to get a working build environment (under OS X 10.11.3; with Xcode 7.2.1; and the formZ 7.0 SDK); and when attempting to build a plugin with a 64-bit target I get a "Mac68k alignment pragma is not supported on this target" error.


So... are x86-64 plugins supported? Or should I be building as an i386 target?


And if so, how about SDK 8? Will that support x86-64 targets? (and is there any ETA on that?)

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Hi bdurbrow,


Sorry but v7 is a 32 bit app and only supports 32-bit plugins. 64-bit support started with v8. We will be posing an updated SDK for v8.5.3 that is compatible with Xcode 7 as soon as it is available. 


Thanks and sorry for the delay.

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Below is a link to an SDK for 8.5.3. We are calling it beta because not all of the examples and docs are up to date yet.


Be aware of the change in the size of integers for 64 bit support that started with v8 and the natural differences between OS X and Windows. On OS X by default a "long" is a 64 bit integer where as on windows it is a 32 bit integer. To avoid any confusion in the API we have introduced fzrt_int and fzrt_unsigned_int for all integers in the API. We recommend you do the same with your local variables.


The only change that you should need to make in your code is to replace "unsigned long” with “fzrt_unsigned_int” and "long” with “fzrt_int” (and then get used to using them). Be sure to do it in this order if you use common search and replace techniques or you could end up with "unsigned fzrt_int” in your code which will not be a good thing. You will also need to update your Xcode projects to build x86_64 as well as linking to 64 bit versions of any depended libraries etc.


v8.5.3 is built against the OS X 10.9 SDK with the deployment target to 10.7 to support older OS as best possible. 


Please email devsupport@formz.com if you have any questions or issues.


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yes, it is a real pain to not have any script capacity in FormZ .

I don't use FormZ very often because there is no scripting tool to create windows, doors and so on...Making them one by one by hand is not efficient with

projects that always use different opening sizes.

I have easily  made for almost 8 years a script in 3DS Max that creates walls, windows, doors and other building elements directly by drawing some few lines

on the DWG plans with the assignation of the materials automatically...It is drastically change the delay of modeling.

Please try to consider this option...

Thank you

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GLG/ tech, though not an architect, I was under the impression that Z had these capability that GLG mentions, parametric doors and windows. Are they not a feature of components or something?

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