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Newbie question. How do I create a guide line offset from the edge of a rectangle.

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I’m going insane,  I know there must be something easy I’m missing.   I’ve drawn an extruded rectangle 45’8 by 47’7 by 1’.   I want to cut out a part of it to get the outline of my slab.  I figured out how to do the cut out, but getting it started 20’5” in from the edge of the rect is eluding me.

I can’t seem to figure out how to create a guide 20’5” in from the edge of the box.
Any Ideas.

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Hi KClark,


Welocme to the forum!  :)


There are lots of ways and methods to do what you want, and depending on exactly what you are trying to do, some will be a lot easier than others.  Are you aware of the ability to switch from "regular" 3d coordinates to "relative" numeric entry by pressing the F4 key (or by changing the Input Method via the Input Palette?


This Tip gives some more info on this:  http://www.formz.com/support/tips/tip46.html


There are also a lot of other useful Tips and Tricks such as this one for Numeric Entry & Guides:  http://www.formz.com/support/tips/tip12.html


Do these tips help you get what you want?


Of course if you are just beginning working with formZ, we would highly recommend going through the Help Menu: Tutorial Videos before starting on projects.  These tutorials are an excellent way of getting up to speed and establishing a basic knowledge of the program so that you will be able to be effective as you are working on your projects.  The first 4 "Discover" videos are longer "overview" presentations, but starting with the 5th video, they are very short and concise, and if you watch these, and pause the video, and follow along in the program, that will greatly help you get started.  


Please let us know if you have any further questions, we would be glad to help!  ')



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