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Andrew West

Insert opening

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Please bring back the ability to insert an opening in Wireframe Mode.  As of now this can only be done in Shaded.  Resorting to using Booleans is too slow. 


I switch back and forth between Wireframe and Shaded a lot rather than painfully putting things on layers, naming them, turning them on and off to see what I am doing behind, etc.  While we are on this subject it should be noted that once my models get to a certain size switching between wireframe and shaded becomes really slow.  15 seconds or more between screen refresh ( and before I can do anything).  This is the case on both my slow machine and my super fast one.  Not sure why this happens.  I assume it is the graphics card. 

This is also the case with my materials and their ability to refresh their display when altering them or adding texture maps.

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