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Duplicating Materials (formerly a Whine in Discussion forum )

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When you pick a material in the Materials palette, Right Click on it and chose Duplicate, a copy of the material is created, but the original material remains selected. Wouldn't it make more sense that the duplicate is selected? Every time I do this I get caught by it. I duplicate the material then start editing the Image Map or properties and then realize that the materials in the scene are changing, when what I really want to do is change the new materials and apply it to some different objects.


I usually duplicate a material because I want essentially the same material but want to make some changes and then use it, not make a copy that will remain intact while I change the original. When you Save As a model, you find yourself working in the new model, not working on the old one.


In that sense I guess Duplicate behaves like Save a Copy, but it just feels counterintuitive to me.



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