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V-Ray | formZ is coming!


We are wrapping up a few developments to prepare for a private beta release. We are hoping to have a releasable version in the next two weeks.


Are you ready? We are and we believe we have what will be the next most valuable tool in your digital toolbox! 


Some first facts:


1. V-Ray for formZ is running on both WIN and OSX. 

2. We are requiring that you have the latest version of formZ 8.5.

3. V-Ray for the most part will need the same machine specifications as you need for formZ itself. If you have more CPU power and RAM that's fine too. If you have a GPU then bring it on!

4. We are going to be looking for images and projects to share as part of our marketing efforts. What ever you can share with us we'd appreciate it.

5. This is Beta software. Although we recognize it as a stable release please use caution when using the plugin. Work on files that you know you have backed up or that you will not risk your livelihood on.


If you're interested please drop us an email at vray@formz.com with examples of your best rendering work. If you can give us an idea of the amount of time you think you can dedicate to testing on a weekly basis that would be helpful too.


Finally, let us know if you have questions.

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this is great news! with Thea in the works and now V-Ray, it looks like Form-Z is finally equipped to play with the big boys. I'm still burning a candle for Octane support... but in the mean time, we have production tools that are industry standard! Yay!

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