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Layout - Dimensions - Units and Display

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I have noticed a bug within the dimensions in Layout.


When setting up dimensions, changing, text size, terminator etc, I will always set the "Units and Display" option to "use project'" as I'd like my layout file to have the same units as my modelling file. This is all fine until I either make a change in the linked modelling file or when i reopen a saved layout file. The 'units and display' always switches to 'custom' and i need to open dimensions palette again to change back to 'use project'.

This is not confined to any particular file and happens with all layout files I have been using in 8.5.





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thanks Tech,


I also just thought i could just set up a preference file for layout with the working units set to the same as the preference file i have for all my modelling projects but then sometimes I may be working on different scale projects so I guess a fix is in order.


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