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object controls only allow drag and not resize

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Hi, not sure what I've done here? When creating a primitive object before (such as a cube) I could click 'show controls' and then dynamically resize the object using the 'handles' in each plane.


Now when I do that all I can do is drag the object around and reposition it. How do I get the resize feature back please?


I've gone through the manual trying every combination of 'show control', 'resize' etc but nothing explains how this is turned on/off.


Coupled to this the little arrows at the end of the controls no longer highlight.


Any help appreciated (probably quite simple).



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Hi DMuller,


From the Palette Menu, choose Snap Options, and set the Tolerance to 10 pixels.  (A very small setting will require that you click exactly on the controls to move them.)  Does  that help?

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