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Select by layer more quickly

Alan Cooper

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Rather than need to go through the select by criteria, which is full of many options, it would be very nice to just click on a layer in the layers palette and if a toggle button is on, everything on that layer becomes selected.


It would be a useful feature in any way, but  is especially desired because I am not keen to risk saving components which have groups inside them, so selecting [by layer] what will become a group after I have made the component 'not a component' quicker to do. Perhaps I should not fear saving components with groups inside them, but I have a fear it has been fragile in the past and don't want to expose my component library to any risks, and layers have a more robust history in FormZ components. Edit: I seem to remember the fragility involved mirror copies and smooth objects and moving of segments and points to alter the sizes of things and I do need to mirror copy and do like the simple line displays of smooth solids.

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