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Rudy Daverveld

Fly out options on tools in The modeling palette not showing

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After installing Formz on my band new iMac the flyout tools on for example the modeling tools are not showing on hovering or clicking on a tool. so its not possible to select another tool then the one standard showing.


I have found the options in the preferences don't pop up tool pallets on hover. But that don't make a difference when turning on or of.


Can anyone help?

Kind regards


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Give this a try...

1st make sure you are using default preferences & not custom preferences in General & Project.

if that ones not work. Quit fmz.

go to user library by holding down option & clicking on go in finder toolbar. Library/ preferences/Autosessys and add OLD to  formZ 8.5 folder... it will rebuild a new one.

Do same in preferences with com.formZ.formZ.plist (add old)

This may help till you can get tech support on Monday.


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