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bring back Midpoint snap

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Of course you all know that the Snap to Segment Part will currently snap to a Midpoint by default:




And if you use the Stick to Edges option, it will snap to the midpoint even when you are not right on top of the midpoint.


Of course a dedicated midpoint snap is a little different, so we will see if that can be added for the future.  ;)

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Dedicated midpoint snap would work best for me.   Another option, that would work great is a way to change the interval by keyboard


Say, if one of the tools that would use snapping, and the interval snap is chosen then maybe a shortcut like opt-up arrow  and opt-down arrow.


I just need something quick


Actually, now that I think about it,   a dedicated midpoint   and  a shortcut shiftable interval   would be perfect!!!!!



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