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axonometric zero point

Bo Atkinson

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Here is a typical screenshot of view parameters... This one is from version 7. This machine can't run v8. Yet v8 still orients Top view off center.




I have been told there is some inherent  limitation to navigating to a 0,0,0 eye point.


Can this be fixed in v9?


I simply cannot comprehend why Z gets dizzy when i navigate close to the zero view point.





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My experience is primarily from navigating views. As soon as my view travels across any of the axes, the view is suddenly spun out of control. Thereafter, the view is restored to steadiness, at a relatively random alignment. 


I was simply noticing that view parameters indicates an inability to register at an axonometric zero point for all axes, simultaneously. There is always one axis bearing a value greater than 0 (zero). I am not versed in formal math terminology.


Chances are, that each of these observations, including yours, are intrinsically related.

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