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Layout as excellent as the Modeler.


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Now I got the experience with Layout in a serious project, I realize it should be as excellent as the modeler already is, in my opinion...


At the end of the project I found that it is very easy to get what I want if I stay in the modeler, no conversion to Layout. Everything works well in the modeler, of course we have wishes. (this suggestion thread is :-) )

Staying in the modeler you have control about shaded, full shaded, override functions, hidden line with or without hidden objects. etc.


If you choose for a dynamic link between 3D and 2D, then it should be ROCK solid. Hopefully it will in the near future. 


It would be wonderful if Layout could handle:

- hidden lines with hidden objects as dashes. (like in the Modeler)

- dimensions not associated. (now the dimensions in Layout move random after change something in the modeler) Or, I miss something in the options.

- some options we got in the modeler shaded, full shaded, etc directly as an option when we create a view frame.

- fix image hatches. In the modeler with a clipping plan, you see nice hatches, with or without color. If convert to Layout, then they should automatically convert into an hatch image in a separate layer. (image view similar to Vectorworks)


Anyway, some of my findings I realize have to do with my poor experience with Layout, but, I still believe it should work as excellent as the modeler. This is the reason I modelled the project completely in 3D, but I could not produce my information easily.

Thanks to the support ADS gave me during this project I could go on.


I still believe in ADS FormZ, because they got the clou about 3D modeling!! Hope they will think in the same or even more simple way for the next version and Layout...

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Hi Hugo,


In Layout you CAN show hidden objects as dashed lines.  Just check the Layout Frame Parameters: Graphic Options: Show Hidden Edges:




Dimensions will be associative, but you can Explode them if you want them to not be associative.  They should also update properly as you change your model, and if you find a case where this does not happen as you think it should, please send the sample FML and FMZ files so we can test this here.


The Image Frame tool can be used to place any image file (Shaded, RenderZone, etc) from the modeling project in Layout.


Yes, there is an image with image based hatches on some Windows computers, and we are working on a correction for that.


Thanks also for your suggestions, we will consider these for the future. ;)

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