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many components > bad perormance

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as an Architect, I am using components a lot.

Since the new versions (from v7) working with components wasn´t always a pleasure.

There have been quite some issues all the way up to now. I am pleased, that some of them are adressed with the new update.


One of the bigger issues for me is the really bad performance of components, when they are edited in the scene. This is especially the case, when the number of references or the complexity of the component being edited is high. Sometimes it seems it takes ages (even hours)

When I am working in other applications, like Rhino2d or Sketchup, their components (blocks) are updated instantaneous.



Here are two videos showing editing the same 400 components in formZ and Rhino3d.



block editing_rhino.mp4



This gives me the impression, that components in formZ should have a much better performance (actually it is one reason to use them)

What do you think?






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