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Hi Form Z - I'm trying to sweep this C section though a spiral path on both sides but it twists as it goes around.


I what the c section to sweep through path as positioned perpendicular to the ground plane.


I have attached the file.


Please if you could tell me the process to achieve this. 

I am trying to use as positioned but it ends up twisted at the bottom. Has it got something to do with the path?


Kind Regards


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Hi, I've had something similar in the past and I think the sweep tool should be improved.


Depending on the path I varying results which I think was better in v6.xx versions.


While testing your file, I tried sweep by First Point & Centroid, (they at least allow the Perpendicular To Plane option to be selected), they both gave results which kept the curved beam vertical BUT shifted from the path. So, I thought I'd show Centroid (before the sweep) of the objects in display options and placed a point snapped to the centroid shown as a reference to see the shift after I sweep.

Then I swept the source using Centroid, I had to rotate the sweep using the controls by 90º and shift the sweep to my reference point (remember was placed onto the source centroid before the sweep), but the sweep centroid (in controls) and the source centroid (point object) don't align. I think this is a BUG.


Anyway, I've managed to get it to work by duplicating the paths to the bottom of the sources and using two path sweep, show controls of the resultant sweep, select all of the control points at the end of the sweep and move them into position (I had copied the source object first and pasted it back for reference). Here is the file.


Btw, the file is much bigger after the sweeps (especially smooth), so I turned down the resolution of them to keep the file smaller. You may prefer to turn up the resolution again to display better.





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Thankyou Des,


I did actually get it to work once using centroid but I think also that the tool for sweep does need an overhaul.

It isn't as intuative as it could be. I can read your response but I'll have to go through the process myself to understand what you have written.


But I'm glad you were able to help.


Thankyou for this .



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Hi Troy, 

We are also seeing that the source object is rotating with the As Positioned Alignment when using Axial Sweep.  Thanks for your report, we will get this corrected.

After the sweep, you can enable Rotate in the result buffer Tool Options to adjust this discrepancy, or using Des’s method of making a copy of the paths, snapping them to the bottom corners of the sources, then using the Two Path Sweep could also work.

Do either of these options work for you?

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