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Improved selection tools (soft selection etc)

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Soft Selection tool for place where it's appropriate (generative tools, subd tools, general mesh editing): add ability to do random selections via a Pick tool selection window.  known as “soft select” in other applications I believe.   Offer options for random percentage of objects to be selected (via numeric input and slider).  Also offer a gradient map option so that one could select more objects on one side of the section (or however the gradient map is drawn - could be radial wavy, etc.).  This feature would really go work well with the recently introduced generative design tools.


(Originally suggested by ASONE)

Edited by jonmoore

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Wouldn't it be nice also if you could get visual feedback of what is being selected in real time with such a tool while operating the slider after having previously area picked the catchment area. Or select the area first, and the slider causes a variable deselection to happen and pick up again if the slider is moved back again.

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