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Andrew West

Texture Maps to Render Farm

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I have an interesting problem and I am looking for any help here.

I have a model that has all the texture maps in the same folder with the model.  I have adjusted a map from brown leather to black leather.  I did a test render on my machine at low res and all looked great.  I then did a "package to render farm" and sent off the file to Rebus.  When I get it back I found that the leather on the sofa was BROWN again!  I checked my model and the leather was black.  I did another test render on that piece of the model and it showed black leather.  I did another 'package to render farm" and checked the associated folder before uploading it and the leather texture map is BROWN! 

If I do a "save a copy as" again in Form.z and link the textures into a new folder it works fine.  I can Package to Render farm and the correct image maps show up in the upload folder.  However, if I change any of the image maps in my project folder  then Package to Render farm the OLD IMAGES show up.

Totally confused here.  Anyone else ever have this issue? 
For now my only solution is to go into Photoshop and retouch the furniture to black again.  I have spent way too much on the render farm already and can not afford to re submit it.  In the future I will need to carefully check all maps in the upload folder prior to sending. 

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