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form•Z Update Released

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We are pleased to announce that the formZ update is now available.  This update includes a number corrections and enhancements to issues that were reported, including:
•  Certain Windows Laptops with dual graphics cards now automatically utilize the “high performance” graphics
•  OS X El Capitan: Add to Project checkbox and Import Options now available
•  OS X El Capitan: Complex Smooth operations now work properly
•  OS X El Capitan: RenderZone now renders properly after any alert dialogs
•  OS X El Capitan: Closing a project window while it is maximized now works properly
•  Ghosted and invisible components now display properly.
•  Layout: Text between paths now works properly
•  Derive Segments with Separate option no longer crashes with certain objects
•  Wrap tool now works with objects in groups
•  Volume and Surface Scatter tools speed improvements and now have progress bars
•  Parametric Map tool speed improvements.
•  Ghosted Components are now properly shown as Ghosted.
•  Pasted Components that reference External Libraries assigned to that project only now properly reference that library.
•  Component Update message no longer incorrectly appears when moving groups of components
•  Import STEP and DWG improvements
•  Round tool now works properly in formZ jr.

To Update formZ 8.5.0 or, just use the formZ Help Menu: Check for Update command to automatically update your software.  
If you have any issues with the automatic updates, you can download the already updated version here:
Please contact us at support@formz.com with any feedback or issues.

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Hi Andy,


formZ is working fine on 10.10.5, and we have fixed all known issues for El Capitan 10.11, but it is still possible that there could be a "yet undiscovered issue" with El Capitan.  We are still testing all aspects of the program, and if any further issues are identified, they will be fixed ASAP.  Or if no additional issues are found, then we will certify it soon.

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Can you get an update while using the 30 day free trial? I've noticed the countour tool stays on after the command is executed...

I'm really enjoying the program. I'm waiting on an extra RAM stick, hoping that helps with selecting materials. as for now I can't access them without the program crashing too.. Not sure why, as for now I'm left to use the basic colors.. not a huge problem..  I'll know for sure if it's a problem from my end or the software after the extra 4 gig stick is installed.

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And Lastly,  How do I change the incriments for the zoom? I'm having trouble navigating through the space. I'm used to sketch-up were the mouse wheel moved a small amount.. Im haveing trouble zooming in on on certian parts without skipping over the whole model :)

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Hi NurbRage,


Welcomed to the forum!


The amount of RAM should not affect your ability to edit materials properly.  You are using, right?  And on which operating system?


If this is Windows, did you make sure to disable your virus detection software before installing formZ, and if not, if you go to the Program Files Control Panel, Uninstall formZ, Reboot, Disable virus detection, and Reinstall once more, does that fix it for you?


If not, download the latest video driver for your video card from the web site of its manufacturer (or from the site of the laptop manufacturer if the former does not work), and install that, does this help?


If you have any further issues, please either create a new forum topic with your additional info, or email us directly at support@formz.com so we can help.


With regards to zooming:


Zooming with the Scroll wheel works relative to the current view parameters, and how far it zooms is determined by the length of thHe line of site (which is the distance between the eye point and the center of interest for the active view -- whose values you can see in the View Parameters Palette). 

If you set the Center of Interest on or near the desired zoom location, then this can make zooming into that part easier. One way to do this is to use the Fit command -- and if you pick any objects and execute the (Command F) key shortcut, the picked objects will be fit -- and the center of interest will automatically be centered these objects. You can also try setting a smaller zoom in by percentage (closer to 100%) to reduce the zoom speed if you like. 

When simply zooming with the Scroll wheel alone, the eye point is moved closer and closer to the center of interest, and the percentage for this movement is controlled by the Zoom Options (palette): Zoom In By value. Thus, as you get closer and closer to the center of interest, you will notice that the zooming gets slower and slower. When this happens, zoom back out a bit until the zoom speed is moving you a reasonable amount.  Then, hold down the Alt and try scrolling back in again.  This will then move the entire camera forwards, and the rate of zooming (also controlled by the Zoom In value) will be constant (since the distance between the eye point and center of interest is not changing). 

Does that help?

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Hi, I've fixed the zooming issues using the fit all and zoom incrementally options..  I'll see if adjusting the virus settings helps the screen to stop flickering while the materials are being selected.

I'm using windows 7 using form z 8

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Did you check your video drivers?


If virus detection was active when formZ was installed, you should Uninstall formZ, Disable virus detection, and reinstall formZ once more to ensure that you have a clean installation...


And if you still have flickering, and you check your Processes via the Task Manager, do you have a process called iPoint.exe?  And if so, does Ending Task on that process and relaunching formZ affect the issue?

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