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Hey guyz, I have been using form z for 3month now..its a software I want to settle with..the issue is dat,renderzone doesnt give me a photorealistic rendering..maxwell would have been the best option, but its a lil bit expensive for me,i dont know how to get student version..I got an idea from someone abt rendering on maya, I would like to knw the best way of exporting form z files to maya in a way in which my model doesnt loose its form and material...or is there any other software I can use to achieve this photorealistic rendering (plz dont say photoshop)..tnx

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There's new rendering options on the horizon with FormZ... Thea...  but if you need something NOW, Maxwell is a good option.  You can easily get lost in the overwhelming options in Maxwell, but there are some decent tutorials to simplify things.  I just wish they had some easy to use Presets for the scenes, lighting, and camera options.  The results when done correctly, and allowing for the considerable rendering time, are astonishing!  I hope they make it easier for people to get started in the future and add GPU acceleration.  


Student Edition is FREE, but the Learning Edition is only $99!  And you don't need anything else to get started. - http://www.maxwellrender.com/index.php/pricing/learning

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Hi Dalestic,


Sorry for the delay in responding.  Exporting as OBJ should work fine to exchange data with Maya.  Just make sure to transfer the .MTL file (that describes the textures) and any image based textures (only use plain colors or image based textures if you want to transfer to other programs).  Does that work for you?


RenderZone can give quite good results if you know what you are doing.  If you want to send a file, we can see what we can do to help with that.


And as Justin says, there is currently Maxwell Render, and soon Thea and VRay that will allow you to use other render engines directly within formZ...

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