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Snapshots button

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You can do a screen capture with Command Shift 3 (full screen) or Command Shift 4 (Partial Window) for OS X, or the Print Screen button on Windows.


OS X will save the capture file to your desktop, and on Windows, you can paste into an Image Editor like VuePro or other to quickly crop and save.  Or on Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool, or other image capture tool.


Or you can make a key shortcut for Export Image if you want to do that without using the Menus...

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I've been using Ctrl+F12 as a short cut for a while now. It brings up the "Export Image: JPEG" tab so all I have to do is give the file a name.


The thing feels too formal. A snapshot by definition is an informal photograph taken quickly.


I haven't figured out the way to key-bot or macro a rename for the file for the process to have the feel of a snapshot. I think the experience could be better if the file was saved with a unique name on a pre-selected folder and all the user (me) is expected to do is shoot some pics.

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I find Ashampoo Snap8 [windows] excellent for this sort of thing - don't pay full price for it. Similar to and much cheaper than Snag-It. There is also Screen-hunter and others with free basic versions. Jing [free] is particularly great too, especially with included Screencast for cloud storage and sharing of screen-shots and short videos. All have annotation capabilities and can operate from the print-screen button. Not an advert, just useful to know from user experience.

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