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how can I create a curtain wall?

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A curtain wall is generally a "panel or set of panels" that is repeated.  So model the panel(s) and multi-copy them, no?

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There are so many ways to create a curtain wall in FormZ (it's not even funny!) including Robs suggestion.


But if you want rough and ready curtain walls, here is a way you could try out out, it's so fast..


1. Draw an extruded line (XY plane) for the opening and copy it into the clipboard (command C (mac) or Control C (win)).


2. Use the Offset Segment tool with extend to boundary and insert options switched on in the tool options to place the mullion positions.


3. In the Pick options select Segments and select all the segments. Use the 3d wall tool in the Derive tools to extrude the segments on the ZX plane. I used 50mm wall width and justification set to centre and height at 100mm.


4. Switch back to Auto Pick in the pick options and select the extruded solids. Boolean Union the solids together (Modify tools). I like to use the Enmesh tool to remove any edges.


5. Paste the original extruded line back from the clipboard (command V 0r control V) for the glass. Colour the glass with a transparent material.


As I said there are many ways to create curtain walls, and all vary with detail etc. so this is only a starting point for you.










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