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Sweep Tool suggestion

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Probably the tool which has suffered the most in the development process.


I use sweeps A LOT and the 6.7 method was far superior.

One simple mod should fix the issue , for example with the sweep set at centre or first point , after the sweep is generated it is possible to 

scale and rotate the source , it can also be partially moved (sort of) BUT the most important function is that is can be moved AND SNAPPED to the path.


This will bring the functionality back on line with 6.7

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Hi Pipo,


Thanks for your suggestion, we will see if this can be improved.  For now if you don't get the desired alignment directly, the easiest way to edit a sweep is to click on the result with the Extract Controls tool.  The source shape will then be placed relative to the path, you can (move, rotate, scale, edit) adjust it as you like, and then re-sweep it with the As Positioned Alignment.  


It may sound a little convoluted but it is pretty quick and easy.  And thanks again for your suggestion, we will get this adjusted for the future.

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