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Frames-- why not in tools options pallet too?

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I was working with Layout and frames, and could not help but notice an inconsistent part of the GUI, IMHO.


I can select any formZ object and have its parameters and attributes show in the Tools Options Pallet. So I got used to looking for this type of information in that Pallet. Especially that preview windows are of the past now.


However, frames require that you right click then go to "parameters". This is the only way I modify a frame.


I believe this interactiont goes against all the direct interactions that are implemented through out the new formZ GUI.


My guess for this decision is that the frame dialog has lots of controls.


But I would suggest to at least provide a summarized version of its properties in the pallet if not all (i think they can be stacked vertically). and/or then provide a button to show parameters window for full controls, maybe?


Please excuse my comments above, I might be too picky. But I am getting into formZ again with a fresh eye and a beginner's mind, so I am noticing a few things here and there as I use it.




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