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8.5 Won't print

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8.5 won't print from either modeler or Layout.  Normally I'd print to a PDF file, but regardless of the printer selected nothing happens.  Nothing goes to a printer's cue....


Is this a known problem?  Other programs print fine on this system so its not specific to this computer, my laptop has the same print problems running Windows 10.


Paul Schuyler

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit


GeForce GTX 770

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Hi Paul,


Printing is working fine for us.  If you get a New Project, just draw a cube, does that print for you, or no?


If that is working, but another file is not, can you send that other file so we can test with this here?


Also, please set up the file with the desired display mode, and print settings, click OK, and then save before sending (if you don't have the problem with the cube).

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