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a greens plug-in like laubwerk's would be sublime

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I've been a Z user for over decades. I also use CD4 for texturing, lighting, and rendering.  Thus I am really looking forward to forth coming render options with Z.


What would compliment and would be amazing with Z is a plug such as laubwerk's plant kit and surface spread.  I use it with C4D and it's very very very useful.


If not this, something similar in Z would be a huge benefit for exterior scenes.


Here's a link to the laubwerk web site.


Laubwerk – 3D Plants for CG Artists – 3D Tree Models

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Hi Gumby,


Thanks for your suggestion, we will contact the developer and see if we can make this happen.


We would suggest that you (or anyone else who is interested in this) also contact them to help them gauge the demand for this and prioritize it accordingly.



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