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New Maxwell for formZ Early Build (

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Hello Maxwell Users,

New Maxwell plugins are available in the Next Limit Early Builds area. For information about how to access the Early Builds Area, please see: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=41692


This plugin provides support for new features in the forthcoming Maxwell 3.2, and requires Maxwell Render Suite (also found in the from the Early Builds area).


    • FormZ 8 Free now supported
    • Latitude-Longitude Stereo and Fish Stereo lens support
    • Layered Photoshop output
    • Nested Dielectrics support for autotranslated materials (Maxwell Material > Translate Shaded > Nested Priority)
    • Reflectance Channel option (object color without GI)
    • Grass grow toward world-up percentage
    • Scatter random uniform scaling option
    • Scatter "grow toward world-up" percentage parameter
    • Option to eliminate intersecting Scattered instances
    • Option to run plugin without Maxwell Extensions loaded (Extensions > Maxwell Render > System Settings...)
    • When Extra Sampling is enabled, but no Custom Channel or bitmap mask has been selected, a warning is posted to the plugin log

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I have Installed the new plug in and downloaded the new Maxwell beta. I can't get the plug-in to launch the beta copy. It continues to launch 3.1 and gives me the error message that it is an older version.



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Make sure to delete (or move to an external, removable drive) any existing Maxwell installations before installing the beta. You can always download the 3.1 installer again, if you need to revert for some reason.

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