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Having a look finally at 8.5 Beta and was excited to see the addition of the Title Block feature.


I've opened Layout and added a standard title block, been into project settings and via that into Dictionary section of Title Block to edit some of the text. Seems i can edit some text but not others. Obviously every individual or company needs there own title block so winder if this is something anyone else has been looking at yet.


I'd also like to create my own title block for my company as we already have one set up in Illustrator. Current workflow for me is to export a PDF of Layout file and add that to a Illustrator template with my title block on this which is fundamentally a step too far.


How do i create and save a custom Title Block which will open every time I open my formZ Layout?


Any tricks and tips very appreciated.





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Hi Duncan,


Yes, you can create your own Title Blocks.  They are just a "referenced" FML file.  You can start by opening any of the Title Block files that are similar to what you want, modifying them, and either saving them directly, or saving them to a new name if you prefer.  Then whenever you get a New Layout Project, the last Title Block that you used will be selected automatically.

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Today I tried to edit a standard title block, for instance in the dictionary I add <My Definition> in the left column, then I get in the right column <My Name>. 

Save this file.

Open a new black Layout file, add the just edited title block. It appears with <My Definition> text, but I can't do anything else. 


When add new information in the title block reference file, it should be editable, not?

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It would be great to have 2 different levels of organizing the information in the title block:



1. for all sheets the main information, not to change during the project.

2. the information based on the specific sheet. This information can be different of course. For example it's nice to have different dates.


Thank you in advance.

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I am not sure, but after a day or two working on title blocks, I have to say: sorry, not (yet) working well, but promising?


1. In reference file editing the title block, it's not updated in my template file I made. It shows the message that the title block in reference was updated, but that's all. No update will make in the template file. It seems to me as if the component link is broken.

2. In my template file I add many fields to fill in the title block under the project preferences. In the beginning it kept this information also after I deleted the not updated title block (see my point 1), save the template without the title block. Probably it kept this information because the previous title block as a component is saved anyway. But after deleting the unused component, then import the new title block I updated, all information fields are lost. I can start over again. NOT!

3. In my title block I used a PNG image (company logo), looks great, but it doesn't make any difference after printing and saving in PDF format, if you select with or without border. It kept the border, looks bad.

4. It's very annoying to change text styles, because the text style name is never kept after changing it. You always have to do it twice. Click on the name 'styles 2', change it into '9pt' use TAB key; nothing happens. Do it immediately over again; it will save as aspected.


Hopefully my findings will help ADS to improve Layout in all it's facets.


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And let me add somу critics: unless it is English Title block is totally unusable as it just fail to open any non Latin title block items. I guess I am not the only non pure Latin user of FormZ. For some reason it is being forgotten for last... Mmmm.. ever? 

 Besides, as I remember, this feature (feature?!) was announced some time ago




Non Latin Title block characters.post-46-0-36574400-1454836986_thumb.png

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