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Andre Conlledo

FBX & 3DM import/export

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I would second that and note that FBX is very standard for viz model transfer with textures and animation... I'd be thrilled if it even supported textures if it could be an IO option.


And the 3DM is kinda funky where normals are very messy on surfaces and open lines used in construction can create a pretty good mess. Maybe a way to only bring in surfaces and solids with normals out? (not even pretending this would be simple...)





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Just to be clear: FBX is a must! And when FormZ wanted to have a future it had not consider it for future, it had to instantly begin to make FBX-Import&Export happen!

And some kind of UV-Mapping.

The same with 3DM Export. 3DM Import was the main reason for me to make an upgrade to FormZ 7.

Another one to upgrade FormZ at all for me is the availability of much file-formats.

But on the other hand not working advanced export options in 3Ds was just a bummer!




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Hi Michael,


Thanks for your suggestions and feedback, we are listening.  However we don't understand what you mean by "not working advanced export options in 3ds."   Can you please clarify?

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