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form•Z 8.5 Beta4 now available (build 9587)

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We are pleased to announce that the formZ 8.5 Beta4 version is now available.  This is now available for both Professional and Student Editions.


This update includes many corrections and enhancements to issues that were reported.  It also adds a few features including:


•  Export 3d File Formats like FACT and OBJ now include an option: High Quality Smoothing, which will give much better smooth shading data for smooth objects from formZ.  

(Note that this option can be considerably slower for certain files, and you can always turn it off if you like.)

•  Numeric Entry has been improved so you can just type the desired numbers when you want to start drawing and they will automatically be entered in the X field.  Pressing the Tab key will also go to the X field when appropriate.

•  An option to specify the number of backup copies (FZB files) has been added to the Preferences.


To Update, just use the formZ Help Menu: Check for Update command to automatically update your software.


If you have any issues with the automatic updates, if you have waited until your Beta version has expired, or if you haven't tried the beta yet, you can download the already updated version here:




Documentation, Title Blocks for Layout, and Tutorials are also available at the link above.


Please contact us at support@formz.com with any feedback or issues.




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I found a bug ruining geometry. As I reported before, it happens during Sculpting. Here is a sequence:












As you can see on last image some strange non planar triangulation occurs. It can`t be fixed with Object Doctor. Also if you would try to sculpt these triangles in order to get rid of them you will find them coplanar. So pushing forward and back eliminates of them.





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Hi Anton,


We are not reproducing what you show. Please email  your FMZ file to support@formz.com (with the file saved right before the Reshape that shows the problem) so we can see what you are doing and respond accordingly.

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Hi Anton,


Thanks for sending your file.  You can just Un-Mesh your object to remove the triangulation line, but of course you shouldn't have to do that.  Thanks for your report, we will get this corrected.


Please, if you have any further issues, either post in a separate thread, or send it via email, and thanks again for your report.

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