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Batch converter for v5 to v7+

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I have used FormZ for 20+ years..... as you would expect I have a rather large library of assets. Utilising both mac and PC over the years plus many of the assets are pre v5.


Is there any chance tech could develop a batch converter utility for pre v5 files?


Even though I have v8 I mostly use v7 so that I can open and use legacy files. Opening each file to save as v7 to then reopen in v8 is a time consuming exercise. With a batch converter I could probably convert the whole library to usable assets in hours.....


Mostly they are not even textured and where they are FormZ generally gives the option to re-link; so I would assume its not complicated task.


Just a suggestion, I would guess it would be useful to many others.



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Hi Gentlemen,


Thanks for your suggestion.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of compatibility between the old Motorola Processors, Apple's current 64 bit environment (with OS X 10.8 and later), and Apple's lack of support for old development tools, it is not possible to effectively create a batch translator that will run on OS X 10.8 or later.  What we are working on is a very tedious process of allowing future versions of formZ to effectively open these ancient files directly.  This should be available before using v7 to convert the files is no longer an option.

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