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Section cut color in Shaded Full


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I am having difficulty getting my section cut colors to all the be same - ideally black (or dark grey).


It seems that colored objects maintain their color if I attempt to use anything in the grey scale (from white to black).   I can set the section to be a color, but when I approach anything close to greyscale the object cross section color defaults back to the color of the material (orange or yellow or blue, etc...).


Other times I can't get the object to match the custom section cut color at all.  


Also sometimes the colored section cut color works in Shaded Work, but not Shaded Full.


FormZ 7.  Mac OS 10.9.5


problem seems to happen in FormZ free also.



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I just tried this as well. I've set all mine to be black per the global project settings and also at the object attribute level. They continue to show up as an odd red gradient. If I change them to yellow for instance, they do show as yellow. It seems to have something to do with the Ignore Specular check box in the display settings. 


Ignore specular off:




Ignore specular on:



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