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Maxwell Beta Available (

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Hello Maxwell Users,

A new Maxwell Render Suite Early Build is now available in the Early Builds Area. For information about how to access the Maxwell Early Builds Area, please visit the Next Limit forum:




This beta is compatible with Maxwell 3.1, and incorporates a number of great new features and important fixes.


    • New 'Alpha Channels' interface for creating alpha channels from any combination of layers, objects, and materials. Replaces 'Layer Channels' feature. (Maxwell Display Options, Image Tab )
    • Extra Sampling support.
    • Render Area Rectangle support. (Maxwell Display Options, Image Tab ) (formZ 8.1+)
    • MXS References can be non-uniformly and negatively scaled during placement, and edited after via the RMXS scale parameter. (Pick Tool Options, Parameters tab )
    • Scenes with Referenced MXS now render significantly faster.
    • Optimized and improved Autotranslated material hints for AGS and metals. (Hint Version may be set in Extensions > Maxwell Render > Project Settings...)
    • Option to make all objects with Autotranslated AGS Glass hidden from Global Illumination. (Maxwell Display Options, Scene Tab )
    • Option to randomize Autotranslated material ID colors. (Extensions > Maxwell Render > Project Settings...)
    • Option to change all Autotranslated materials to 'Matte' or 'Realistic Match' in one go. (Extensions > Maxwell Render > Project Settings...)
    • Referenced MXM 'Update Shaded' allows mapping of bump channel (formZ 8.0+)

    • Geometry is no longer clipped when in axonometric views with certain view parameters.
    • Framing corrected in axonometic views with certain view parameters. (If a saved view appears incorrect in Fire, enable Fire-- or export the scene-- then save the view again.)
    • Referenced MXS placed at the world origin (0,0,0) will now render correctly.
    • Certain imported objects from Sketchup no longer cause export errors.
    • Channel files written in format/bit depth as specified in image pulldown.


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Scatter seems to be broken?


Using FormZ 8.0.2




Log says:

48    *ERROR*         Fire                          [Extension MaxwellScatter] Invalid source object

49    *ERROR*         Fire                          [Extension MaxwellScatter] Error creating instances




skatter test Maxwell log.txt

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We have reproduced the issue with Maxwell Scatter, and will get this fixed ASAP. Thanks for your report.



Yes, it will work with formZ Beta 8.5.


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Hi Flakie,


Please try a complete refresh:


1. Install formZ 8.5 Beta 2

2. Uninstall, then download and re-install Maxwell 3.1 from the Next Limit customer portal.

3. Go to the Maxwell betas page, and get plugin for formZ 8


If you still have issues after this, please provide your OS details & a sample project.



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