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An open letter to AutoDesSys regarding the interface


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Thanks for sharing your setup, looks interesting, i will try some of your suggestions.


I actually like FormZs interface since its easy to use and customizable, my scene building and rendering software is Modo which has a cluttered interface that is annoying to work with, you have to click at least twice as many times to get your work done than in formz. So yes, i prefer a modal system  :)

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I think there are many good suggestions in this thread.  The issue that seems to be consistant is that users want FormZ to behave consistantly, no matter what screen setup they are using.


For my experience, I want to go to work spaces, choose 27" Screen, and voila, everything snaps into place where I set it up for that size. I wan to have a dialog that allows me all the preference and project setting that apply to fixing my workspace in one place. I want to setup one for just using my laptop alone and one for my workstation screen at the office.


If this dialog was in the opening screen that FormZ now uses that would be good too. Sketchup has a similar approach that works very well, and all the 'traditional mac windows and palettes' that some her love so much always end up where you left them or set them.


Some might argue that FormZ does this, and it does, but it doesn't do it consitently and the process to set it up just right is still byzantine.  I've been using this software since 1995, and this has always been somewhat of an issue. Preferences do somethings, project settings do others, workspaces do others, and if you don't set the myriad of options just right, you get what you don't want, every time.


Some things are bugs, too. I have a MBPro Retina, and there is no way to drag down the right master palette to the bottom of the screen. It stops about an inch above the bottom.


So I humbly submit to you a visual standard in our world- Photoshop.  I open it on the laptop - it is consistent. I open it on One large screen, and its consistent. Same with two screens.  


One dialog, palettes that behave according to the active display hardware and workspaces we can rely on.  




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@ Andrew: can agree 100% :)


i think Adrews post shows again the main problem which should be fixed: no mather what screen size or screen setup - FormZ work spaces should stay at each Resolution as shown in Anrews post.

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