+1   It pleased me very much, to read that I am not alone with my frustration about the FormZ-Interface since 7 or later.   I use this software for 20 years - and I think, if there were not this program, it would be much more difficult for me to exercise my profession. Now I use is still the version 6, even though I've been using a lot of persuasion and motivation to acquire the skills to use the newer versions. I recognize a certain added value…   Again and again had capitulated. For me, there are just too many inconsistencies. This starts with the fact, that I need to reposition the pallets in my desired position every time when the program starts - and ends with the exact scale rendering of an image. All things, that work very smooth and properly in version 6!   Many many points I have already reported to the support of ADS and kindly I always get a response. But now I am also glad that hopefully raise many voices of fellow sufferers here in this thread...   Kindly regards. Theo Gschwind, Switzerland