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David Lemelin

curtain of fairy lights

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Hi guys,


i have an illustration I am working on that involves a great deal of small fairy lights in curtains and various displays. I can't imagine creating several hundered emitters in a scene and what that will mean to render speeds, but I do want to convey the look with a reasonable amount of accuracy.


My initial thought is to create an emitter material that features some form of opacity mask, such that I could apply it to a basic shape and create a single emitter that shows as multiple points of light.


I shudder to imagine the processor overhead if I need to hammer out hundereds of individual polys in FormZ and then run all that through Maxwell.


Does any one have any tips or thoughts?





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Here is an example with a custom emitter MXM:



The material is mapped to a simple plane.


The HDRI was made in photoshop (32-BPC image, saved in 'Radiance' format.) In MXED, created a new material with an Emitter layer, with Emission set to the HDRI. The emitter's opacity mask is also mapped with the HDRI, to only the glowing areas show and the background is transparent. The glow around the dots achieved by enabling Simulens Diffraction in the finish render.


Hope this helps.




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