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formZ 8.5 pro beta is now available

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I have been trying out the beta on my PC. It seems to have effected layout in 8.5 as it will no longer open just hangs up could use help to fix this. Also creating hidden lines in the new layout software seems to be a lot slower that in 8.0

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Hi Flakie,


We have seen a few PC's where the main formZ Program: File Menu: New Layout command is not working properly.  (This will be fixed with the next update coming soon.)  Layout is now a separate program, so just go to the formZ 8.5 Beta folder and manually run the formZ Layout.exe.


We are not aware of cases where Hidden Line is slower in 8.5 than in 8.0 (in general, 8.5 should be quite a bit faster than 8.0).  If you have a case, please time your renderings, and if you have a case that is slower in the new version, please send it to us so we can see why this might be.

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