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Hi Andy,


For product renders, consider using an HDRI map of a photo studio setup. You'll be surprised how good the glass will look. One of the "neutrals" here would work well: http://www.hdri-studio.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/hdri/orderpage.pl?l=1


If you decide to go this route, post back with an HDRI-lit rendering, so we can see the difference.


(Sky Dome and Physical Sky work best for architectural interiors and exteriors.)





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Here's an example of glassware rendered in Maxwell:



A few things to check:

Is the geometry all solids? Surfaces will not refract light properly.

Are you using an accurate Maxwell Glass MXM?

Is Dispersion enabled? It is overkill for most renderings and will slow down renderings, but for close shots of glassware dispersion is appropriate. (Do not NOT use for architectural glass :) )

Is your glass modeled to true thickness, in real-scale units? The fact that this looks as if it should hold a liquid, and that the walls of the bottle are fluted, suggests that it should be significantly thicker.

Is the base thicker than the walls, as it would be in a manufactured product?


If you google image search "Glassware Photos" you'll get an idea of how glassware shots are set up to best effect.


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