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I want to know if its possible to import/convert an old file ( it was created around 1996 ) with the extension .fmz to the new formZ using plugins or something else.

We tried to open it with the FormZ 8.0 but it didnt work at all : it says to open it with an older version

Or should i go look for the old version of FormZ. If so, does someone has an old version of it ?


Thanks alot

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Hi Rodod,


Welcome to the forum.  Yes, files created on formZ 5.0 or earlier on OS X have a file encoding that is no longer supported by Apple.  Therefore, to open these files, you will need to open them with formZ 5.5 - 7.3.4, resave them, and then you can open them in formZ v8.


If you have a student license, this automatically includes formZ v7 AND v8.  Please see the reply email that you got with your registration codes for the download links.  And if you need any further help, please send an email to support@formz.com and include your serial number so we can help.

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