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Animation on path

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Hi Q,


In the right side of the Animation Editor, start by deleting any reference to the van.  Then make an Animation Group and put the van in there.   Finally animate the Animation Group.


Does that do what you want?

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I also have problems animating a car consisting of many parts.

Wheels are lost and direction is rotated.

Also how do we control the speed of the movement ?


Whats the best way:

Group it

Join it

Animation group



Can you give short explanation or pro/con ?



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Hi R2D2,


You should be able to just select the objects, click at the desired origin (part of the car you want on the path) with the Animation Group tool.


Next Pick the Animation Group from the left side of the Animation Editor, get the Animate Along Path tool, and click on the path:




Then you can adjust the velocity using the handles in the Animation Editor.  Here's are "iconic" file:




As far as how to use all the different animation tools and the Editor, there are some great tutorials at the end of the Animation Manual.  Just right click on any of the animation tools, choose Manual, expand the table of contents, and check out these Animation Tutorials in the order they are listed.


Does that help?


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