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unable to write mxsi in plugin 3_1_0_3 fz8

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Has anyone experienced the new maxwell plugin not able to render out to maxwell because of it not being able to write an MXSI out


No matter what path i assign it gives me errors saying  "Unable to Write MXSI:\  (projject folder default) or (assigned location)



I have not experienced this before and  i copied my scene elements into a new file as well as ran a object doctor project doctor check







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To help us investigate your problem, please send us your plugin Log after rendering.

1. Attempt to render your project with Maxwell again (Select Display> Maxwell Render)
2. Open the plugin Log (Select Extensions> Maxwell Render> Log).
3. Click Save Log and save to your Desktop or other convenient location.
4. Send the resulting log file to: post-32-0-81262100-1424701855_thumb.jpg


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