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An approximation of the object

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Hi Roofer,


Sorry, we do not understand what you are asking.  Perhaps the following note on zooming will help?


Zooming with the Scroll whee works relative to the current view parameters, and how far it zooms is determined by the length of the line of site (which is the distance between the eye point and the center of interest for the active view -- whose values you can see in the View Parameters Palette). 

If you set the Center of Interest on or near the desired zoom location, then this can make zooming into that part easier. One way to do this is to use the Fit command -- and if you pick any objects and execute the (Command F) key shortcut, the picked objects will be fit -- and the center of interest will automatically be centered these objects. You can also try setting a smaller zoom in by percentage (closer to 100%) to reduce the zoom speed if you like. 

When simply zooming with the Scroll wheel alone, the eye point is moved closer and closer to the center of interest, and the percentage for this movement is controlled by the Zoom Options (palette): Zoom In By value. Thus, as you get closer and closer to the center of interest, you will notice that the zooming gets slower and slower. When this happens, zoom back out a bit until the zoom speed is moving you a reasonable amount.  Then, hold down the Alt and try scrolling back in again.  This will then move the entire camera forwards, and the rate of zooming (also controlled by the Zoom In value) will be constant (since the distance between the eye point and center of interest is not changing). 

Does this help?

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