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Spot lights from MXED not working as expected

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I am using an MXED derived texture to create a spotlght.

In MXED I create an emitter and that emitter is a spotlight with particular beam angle


Am going down this path in order to have many surface mounted downlights which can be controlled by one multi light slider.


However when I apply the new material to a disk whose normal faces down to the ground the beam is not pointing down as expected.


I was also expecting to see the disk glowing as well but that may be a separate issue.


See accompanying images and FormZ model.


Notice the location of the disk and the location of the beam pattern in the top view especially.




spotlights from MXED.fmz.zip

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Due to fundamental differences between formZ and Maxwell, the plugin cannot fully translate IES and spot-type emitter MXMs that have been applied to objects. If you map a 1cm geodesic sphere, you should be able to position the light, but not rotate it-- it will always point strait up or down. Omnidirectional MXM emitters do work as exactly expected.


The solution is to use the dedicated 'cone' and 'IES' light types, which offer full parametric, postional, and rotational control over these light types-- all from within the formZ application. (We recognize that one cannot currently adjust multiple lights with a single multilight slider. For now, it is necessary to contend with multiple sliders. As mentioned previously, this is something which is under investigation to be improved.)

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